Frequently Asked Questions

What does SendItCNC Add-in for Fusion 360 do?

The SendItCNC add-in for Fusion 360 makes the power of CNC machining available to all Fusion 360 users, including users who don’t have their own CNC machines. The add-in helps you take a Fusion 360 design, quickly make a CNC setup, and after you add CAM operations, send it to a CNC machine in the cloud to be made.

What if I'm going to use my own CNC machine? Can I still use the add-in to get a CNC setup made instatntly?

Sure, you are welcome to do that! You'll probably need to make sure the CNC “assets” (tool libraries, workholding models and setup) conform to your work practices and machine (e.g. work offsets). We think you'll find its easy to edit our workholding device models – for example, you can easily edit our milling vise model to a length, width and jaw height, etc. that work for you.

What exactly does the SendItCNC add-in install on my system?

The add-in creates a Fusion 360 project called SendItCNC and uploads examples, models for setups (including workholding devices, and stock). The add-in also adds CAM Tool Libraries, CAM Templates, and CAM Machines to your F360 Manufacture workspace. A CAM defaults file (SendItCNC.f3dhsm-defaults) is put in your downloads folder, which you can choose to load using the “Import Defaults” command in the Manage menu in Fusion 360 Manufacture workspace.

Are you going to support 4-axis and 5-axis milling setups?

We are working on many exciting possible future offerings. We’re looking at more workholding and cutter options, and more machining options like 4-axis, 5-axis, and turning. We’re also looking at softjaw cutting options, and other fixturing options.