About SendItCNC

Who we are:

We’re a team of software engineers and technologists with the mission to make advanced manufacturing capability available to everyone, starting with cloud CNC machines.

What we do:

SendItCNC provides CNC machines in the cloud, so you can make parts on demand without your own in-house machine shop. We enable designers, product engineers and innovators to make the parts they need to bring their inspirations to life. This is ideal for rapid prototyping or small production runs where time is of the essence.

SendItCNC delivers elastic, fully managed CNC capacity in the cloud.

How it works:

Using our design libraries for CNC, you add CAM operations to your design, then send your job to our cloud CNC machines.

Our online services are powered by our manufacturing process automation system developed by SendItCNC’s software engineering team. Like cloud computing providers, we provide access to advanced capability while freeing customers from the complexity of running in-house facilities.

Why Use Cloud CNC?

At SendItCNC, we manage tooling, facilities, materials, machines, and operations.

Our customers are free to focus on innovation.

With SendItCNC prototypes parts are just a click away, without the need for in-house CNC machines.

Enterprises with their own manufacturing capability can leverage cloud CNC machines to obtain additional capacity or specialized capabilities when needed.

And, with SendItCNC, you pay only for what you actually use.

SendItCNC is the democratization of manufacturing.